Joe Savoie Polished Stainless Steel Diving Helmet!

In the 21st Century diving helmets made by Joe Savoie have been recognized among historians and collectors as one of the most revolutionary helmet designs ever. The fact that each one of these helmets was hand made in Joe's Lousiana backyard only adds to the mystique and allure of each one. Savoie did not advertise his helmet, they simply sold by word of mouth once divers witnessed one in action. Savoie would make approximately 100 helmets using fiberglass motorcycle helmets ordered out of an auto parts catalog. Later on, Savoie would then handmake the helmets using a stainless steel shell. Today each helmet Joe made is unique in its own way, with some helmets featuring some unique characteristics.


This beautiful helmet is serial number S-32 and is a stainless steel model. A vast majority of the stainless steel models had a matt finish. In some cases, if the customer requested, Savoie would fully polish the stainless steel body, giving it a brilliant mirror finish. It's likely this helmet temporarily blinded more than one tender on a sunny day! This helmet was purchased from the original owner. The diver was employed by Taylor Diving. The helmet was used on many jobs in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. A brief history of the diver will accompany the helmet. The helmet is in original condition and does exhibit the typical signs of use. There is one dent on the peak towards the back of the helmet, which is difficult to see due to the brilliant shine. This helmet is definitely eye-catching and like most Savoie's, will only continue to appreciate in value.  


As with all helmets Nation's Attic sells, this one will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity that will be matched to a tamperproof serial numbered hologram placed on the inside of the helmet.