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A. Schrader Antique Diving Helmet


A. Schrader's Son 3 Light 12 Bolt All Original Helmet - Circa 1890's

It is very rare when we find a helmet that has not been altered or modified dating to the 19th Century. This impressive example made by the A. Schrader's Son Company is one of those special helmets!

This 3 light 12 bolt model was the classic configuration offered by the A. Schrader's Son Co during the late 19th and early 20th Century. The helmet is non-recessed at the neck ring and never had communications installed - which is common in the 1800's. In most cases, helmets were update with communications and other features - this one is unmolested!


The A. Schrader's Son - New York stamping can be found on the bonnet neck ring.  Inside the bonnet the original air vents are still present. Window guards, glass, brails, air fitting intact. The helmet is missing one wing nut and one knob on the front face plate. Luckily both of these items can be found or made if so desired.  The bonnet does exhibit some typical working dents, but none of them are severe. The bonnet and breastplate thread together with ease with the old gasket still intact.

This truly is a special helmet and represents a fantastic piece of diving history from the late 19th Century.

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