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Chilean Antique Diving Helmet


Chilean 3 Light 12 Bolt Antique Diving Helmet!

This is a fairly unusual and interesting antique diving helmet made in the Republic of Chile. While we can not place a firm date of manufacturer on this helmet, mid-20th Century is a good estimate. The helmet was found a few years ago in New Jersey where it had been stored in a barn for decades. While the helmet was undoubtedly used in its original country, its history is lost to time.

The helmet has no manufacturing stamps or logos. The style of the helmet and its construction are what give us the clues to determine where it was made. Chilean helmets are known for their bonnets being made from two pieces and then soldered together. The solder seam can clearly be seen going from the front to the back of the bonnet. The 3 window and 12 bolt configuration are also hallmarks of helmets made in this country.

The helmet certainly did see use originally. A wonderful patina has developed on the copper body. As to be expected, there are numerous working dents throughout the bonnet and breastplate. Each half does thread together with ease. The helmet is missing the two rear brails and seven wing nuts. The air vents inside the bonnet are present as well as the air fitting on the back.

This is only the 2nd Chilean helmet we have handled - they do not turn up on the market often!

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