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Updated 2-2-2016

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Restored Vintage Cast Iron Shallow Water Diving Helmet!

This is a very unique and unusual shallow water diving helmet we just found! This helmet is

made of solid cast iron with Plexiglas windows. No need for added weights on this helmet,

it’s already heavy enough! There are no names or manufactures marks on this helmet, but

we believe it’s possible Canadian or American made.

We decided to utilize our shop, skills and equipment to give this helmet a new life as a

display piece. This involved taking the helmet apart and removing the old Plexiglas, gaskets

and paint. With all the metal media blasted bare, we then filled in as much of the

imperfections in the metal as possible. Afterwards we then applied an automotive primer.

Once dry we then applied the high gloss automotive black paint - wow!

Once the paint was dry we then cut and installed brand new Plexiglas and black foam

gasket material. To give the helmet a final touch we installed triple chrome plated hex bolts

on the top and front windows. These chrome hex bolts are expensive but really give this

helmet the final bit of shine it deserves.

We restored this helmet for display purposes only and it should not be used for diving. It

will make an impressive display and we have it priced quite reasonably. We will send along

with the helmet a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the restoration as well as a CD-ROM

with a full set of before & after photos of the helmet.

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Amazing Morse Mark V Helium Deep Water Diving Helmet!

Take a look at this amazing piece of diving history! This is the rare and extremely desireably US Navy Mark V helium diving helmet! These

were used to go to the most extreem depths possible from the 1930’s into the 1980’s. While we consider the Mark V the blue chip stock of

collectible diving helmets, the rarely seen helium or mixed gas Mark V is the top prize in terms of value and overall visual apperance!

This helmet was made by the Morse Diving Equipment Company in March of 1972. While we have no documents from Morse, our consignor

informed us the helmet was sent to the US Navy ship USS Chanticleer ASR-7 in 1972. This ship was part of various salvage & diving

operations until it was removed from the US Navy inventory in 1973. The helmet will come with two brass plaques and one ASR-7 patch.

As can be seen in the photos, the helmet has a beautiful polished apperance. The helmet was serviced by Morse a number of years ago and is

in great condition. In addition to the USS Chanticleer items this helmet will also come with an extra and original Morse ID plate. Originally

when this initial plate was installed it has serial # R009 applied by mistake. Morse later applied the current plate with the correct serial

number, R010. This helmet does have the matching R010 on all 4 brails and both neck rings. The same serial # is on the huge brass tank on

the back of the helmet as well!

If you have never owned or whitnessed a helium Mark V helmet, they are very impressive! Even people that don’t care about helmets find the

helium Mark V to be something special and important. In any collection these tend to be the center piece. As a corporate or office display,

these impress clients like nothing else. Please give us a call or email. We have lots of additional photos and information we can email over.

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A.J. Morse World War 1 1918 US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet!

The US Navy Mark V first appered in 1915 with A.J. Morse & Schrader being the only firms making them. As WW1 raged the United States joined the war in 1917 with the end coming in November 1918. This special Mark V was made in August of 1918, undoubtly to be used by the US Navy at the end of the Great War. As with lots of Mark V’s, it’s use didn’t stop there. This helmet is a serial # matching example with both neck rings having the # matching the ID plate. In addition, this helmet has a US Navy inventory # on the breastplate neck ring, which is rare. Another clue to the helmets history is a name and date etched right below the neck ring, J. Hood 2-51. This is also etched on the inside of the boonet as well. Undoubtly this was probably used by a commercial diver. The 2-51 is possiblly the date he purchased it. During the 50’s many of these Mark V’s were sold as military surplus after WW2. This helmet has been polished in the past, giving it a wonderful apperance for display. The peak of the bonnet does exhibit all the normal small working dents and dings, but none are deep or large. The helmet does show some corrosion from salt water and use over the nearly 100 years since it was made, which is simply part of its history. There is a small patch on the back of the breastplate. Also, the exhaust value is circa WWII, probably replaced in the 1940s or while being used by J. Hood. To find an authentic Mark V from World War 1 is a rare treat, especially one like this one! Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about items like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

A.J. Morse Rare Neck Feed Antique Diving Helmet 1930’s!

During the 1930’s A.J. Morse offered a unique helmet that fed air into the back of the

breastplate neck rather than the bonnet. Few of these helmets were sold to commercail divers

resulting in a very rare model in the 21st Century for collectors!

This neck feed helmet may be the finest example to appear on the market in decades! The

condition of the this helmet is amazing! The boonet is smooth as glass with a slight refliction in

the brass. The helmet is serial #s matching and just a great example with rarely seen front

clamps for air line and communications line.

This helmet was found on Catalina Island off the shore of Southern California and will be noted

on the COA from Nation’s Attic that comes with the helmet. A finer example of such a unique

and rare helmet would be extreemly difficult to find in anyone lifetime!

helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828  

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Yokohama Mixed Gas Diving Helmet!

One of the most unique helmets ever made and also historic ever! This helmet

was produced in the 1960’s by Yokohama and was designed for the deepest

dives possible by humans at this time. The helmet incorporated a large

canister on the back that contained a chemical that would absorb carbon

dioxide. Helium was pumped into the helmet to allow the diver to work at

extreme depths. It’s very safe to say this helmet has been to the darkest

places in the ocean and seen some amazing things!

Not only has this helmet seen things only a few humans have witnessed, it’s

also super cool looking! This helmet has a series of tubes, valves and a huge

canister on the back giving it an appearance of a helmet made for the most

extreme adventures - which it was!

We have handled a few of these over the years and this one is one of the finest

original new to the market examples we have seen. Everything is original and

in the same condition as was the last time it went down!

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1943 Chrome “Master Diver” Schrader US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet!

Not only is this a classic and authentic US Navy Mark V helmet, this one was a US Navy Master Divers display helmet! When a diver made rank of Master Diver,

their days of active diving was limited and with that came more buerocratic responsibilities. Many Master Divers were presented with a special Mark V that was

either polished or in this case fully chrome plated for display in their office.

This special helmet long ago was chromed and still looks beautiful today. The helmet was made December 1943 by Schrader and is 100% authentic and serial

numbers matching. In addition, this helmet has rarely seen US Navy inventory numbers and a US Navy inspection stamp on the communication cup! Helmet will

come with a COA from Nation’s Attic. If you like the unique helmets with a story, this one fits the bill!

helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828   Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!     
Nation's Attic, Inc., Antiques  Dealers, Wichita, KS

Morse Diving Equipment No. 15 Diving Air Pump!

In the 1930’s and 1940’s Morse Diving Equipment Company offered a shallow water diving helmet and matching pump. These were made to compete with

the Miller Dunn shallow water helmets, which were very popular during this time. Morse did end up getting a contract from the US Navy for these helmets

and pumps, but relatively few were made.

Offered here for sale is a very nice and all original Morse No. 15 air pump. These pumps are very heavy duty and a lot larger and heaver than the Miller

Dunn pumps. This pump does come with the original 2 piece handle and brass hardware to put it together. The pump by itself is impressive and when

displayed with a nice vintage helmet is even better! These don’t come up for sale often!

helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828   Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!


Rare 1944 Miller Dunn US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet!

During World War 2 the government awarded four different compaines contracts to make the Mark V. Out of those four the most difficult to find by far

are examples by Miller Dunn of Miami, FL. It’s estimated less then 1500 with only a small fracation of those surviving today. This beautiful example is

serial number 944, made September 1st, 1944. The bonnet and breastplate serial numbers match as well as all four brails.

This helmet has been polisehd out long ago, giving it a nice clean patina. There are the typical numerious working dents on the peak of the bonnet.

This is common of most Mark V’s that were used to any degree. Inside the helmet is complete with all the vents and glass. There is one wing nut

missing and a couple wing nuts that have different brass color. Also, it appears that a Schrader spitcock lever has been installed in the past due to the

different in brass color. Regardless of these few details, the helmet is an amazing example in beautiful condition. This helmet could easly been fully

polished or given a slightly higher since with simple brass polish if so desired. We have lots more photos and details that can be emailed over upon


helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828  


A.J. Morse & Son Fully Restored Diving Air Pump Circa 1910-15!

Every wondered what was inside those wood boxes that contained vintage diver air pumps? Here is something we have never seen offered before and

your chance to show everyone what a antique diving pump looks like in action! In 2015 we purchased a Schrader diving helmet and a curious diving

pump. The pump tuned out to be this classic A.J. Morse & Son but it was encased in a rather crude low grade wood cabinet. After consulting with some

collegues we made the decision to scrap the already deterated cabinet and restored the internal pump mechanism.

Offered here for sale is the finish product - a restored and very impressive functional A.J. Morse & Son diving air pump circa 1910-1915! The bright red

and black paint is actually the colors we found present on the pump during restoration! While it was a lot of work, all the high quality brass was

polished to a high shine and all the cast iron media blasted clean, primed and painted.  100% of every piece was removed and restored! The center

piece of the pump is the original A.J. Morse & Son gage encased in brass with a glass front. We had new glass cut and polish the case and face of the

gage. The next eye catching aspect is the three solid brass cylinder that hold the pistons. Each cylinder was polish with the inner pistons cleaned and

the original leather gaskets oiled. Other mechanical aspects of the cylinders were cleaned as well. While out goal was more of a visual restoration, we

also wanted this pump to push some air - which it does but probably not to original specifications. The pump does turn easily with all three cylinders

going up and down - which is impressive to show everyone!

We have lots of photo of the restoration plus what the pump looked like before restoration. We actually documented the restoration on our Facebook

page! All photos will be put on a CD-ROM and sent with the pump. A COA from Nation’s Attic will also accompany the pump. Pump can be picked up or

we can attach it to a pallet and ship via trucking line. 

helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828  


Authentic Diving Knives!

DESCO US Navy Diving Knife

This is a classic US Navy style of divers knife made by

DESCO.  It appears to be new old stock by its beautiful

condition! The stainless steel blade looks amazing as

well as the maple wood handle. The brass sheath is

marked DESCO and is also in great condition with a

nice patina on the brass. helmets@nationsattic.com 

Siebe Gorman Diving Knife

Here is a classic diving knife made by the Siebe Gorman

Company in London. The brass sheath is marked Siebe

Gorman. Overall the knife has a nice look and patina to it.

It’s obviously been in the water a few times, the stainless

steel blade shows signs of that. These don’t turn up very

often. Siebe Gorman knives look very nice next to a classic

Siebe Gorman helmet. This is the first we have had in

years, don’t missing out!  helmets@nationsattic.com 

Vince Mark V Diving Knife WWII

During the 1930’s and during World War 2 one of the makers of

the US Navy dive knife used with the Mark V was Vince Forge

Company in Easton, PA. The government contract for these

was apparanly low as examples from this company don’t come

on the market often. Dive knives from this company are

unique with their brass loop that swivels on the pommel.

These also had larger number of teeth on one side of the blade

that other examples. This classic and hard to find knife has a

nice patina with aging on the blade.  helmets@nationsattic.com 

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