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What’s For Sale!

Updated 8-31-2014

Nations Attic will update this page as helmets are bought and sold. Due

to the rarity of most helmets we handle, we will generally not have a

large inventory in stock.

We do matain a customer wanted list. If you would like to be added to

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1944 US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet - DESCO!

A classic US Navy Mark V diving helmet made by DESCO is on its way in! This example retains almost 100% of it’s original tinning, which is how it left the factory in 1944. The exposed brass parts on the helmet really give it a nice overall look that is hard to find. The communications fitting on the back has been modified slightly, but does not affect the bonnet at all. We will have updated photos and information once this one arrives.   Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

Amazing Siebe Gorman Helmet & Matching Hand Carved Duplicate w/ Stand!

On consignment is one of the most amazing helmet displays we have ever seen! This display consists of an authentic 1940’s Siebe Gorman 3 light 12 bolt helmet.

The helmet is in fantastic condition with nearly all of its original tinning remaining. In terms of condition, they just don’t get much better than this! In addition to the

helmet is a one of a kind hand carved duplicate. This is not just some carving made of one piece, but each and ever part of the helmet was carved individually. The

carved helmet comes apart just like the original! Both helmet are also displayed on a matching carved display stand which is really breathtaking. The hand made

helmet, 1940’s Siebe Gorman helmet and stand are being sold as one piece. They will come with a very detailed photographic package showing the carved helmet

being made. This display will impress just about anyone!

We have lots more photos that we can email if interested.

Call or Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Miller Dunn Diving Pump Handles - Brand New!

These brand new Miller Dunn pump handles are exclusively sold by Nations Attic. We had a limited run of these made after strong customer demand for them. These handles will fit the classic Miller Dunn air pumps made for their shallow water helmets. The handles are hand made of solid steel with a solid oak handle. Steel shaft can be ordered with or without paint. These were made like the original, which are always missing from the pumps.  Priced At $89 Unpainted / $99 Painted Delivered Within the Lower 48 United States.
Classic Helmet!

US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet - DESCO June 1943!

This helmet was just found in a basement in Texas! It is an early totally original Diving Equipment & Salvage Company US Navy Mark V from June 6th - 1943. DESCO started making the Mark V for the government in mid 1942, so this helmet is an early one. The helmet has visually interesting patina to it, like it was just brought up from the ocean after decades! The bonnet and breastplate are #s matching. All the wing nuts and brails are present. The front window wing nut has one side broken off. There are a few minor dents, nothing serious. If you prefer a Mark V that is untouched with authentic use, this one will impress everyone!  Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!      Email us at helmets@nationsattic.com  /  text / call 316-371-1828 

19th Century Siebe Gorman Smoke Helmet

Still In Original Shipping Crate w/ Pump, Hose, Etc!

Here is very rare opportunity to purchase not only a desirable smoke helmet, but one that is still in its original shipping crate complete with air pump, house and original tags! This find is very unique and probably belongs in a museum or top collection! Smoke helmets were used by fire fighters at the turn of the 19th Century. Most of them are long gone due to their rough use and limited numbers made. This helmet and equipment appear to have never been used, a real time capsule. Additional photos and information will be posted soon! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Siebe Gorman Submarine Engineers Diving Helmet!

Probably the most recognizable style of helmet in the world is the classic English made Siebe

Gorman diving helmet. These were used by militaries around the world and by commercial

divers as well.

This helmet is in great condition with just the right amount of patina. All the brails and 12 wing nuts are present and original to the helmet. The glass is all in good condition and the original fittings are present as well. There is one knob on the front window missing. With just minor working dents on the top of the helmet, this example is perfect for display. It would make a magnificent gift or addition to any collection!
Handle Styles

Vintage Mark V Deep Water Diving Boots!

We found these boots along with a US Navy Mark V diving helmet some time ago. These are the classic canvas deep water diving boots that most divers would use. These boots have the brass toes with lead bottom. The canvas body of the boots is the original and well worn. There are numerous holes in the canvas and there are no laces remaining. These boots have obviously seen a lot of dives and would look great next to an original helmet. These can certainly be polished out and new canvas installed or simply kept as is.  We have these boots priced very economically! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com 
Coming In - On Hold
Siebe Gorman Underwater Flight Light - Never Used!
Talk about a heavy flash light! This is a never used Siebe Gorman underwater torch. It was issued by NATO to a US Navy diver but never put into use. The light itself has never been tested but it appears to be in as new condition. The light is marked Siebe Gorman 1968 and then its serial number. This light measures 11” in length and weighs in at almost 5 pounds! The light case has a few very minor scratches from time, but overall it’s probably the nicest original example out there! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or Email helmets@nationsattic.com

1960’s DESCO Air Hat / Pot Diving Helmet !

Just in is a very nice Diving Equipment & Salvage Company helmet from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Called the Air Hat or Pot Helmet by some, this helmet has a vintage look but is still used today by many commercial divers. Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

Rare 1944 US Navy Mark V Made by Miller Dunn!

There were four makers of the Mark V for the US Navy from 1916 to the mid 1980’s. All of those companies made the Mark V for decades with the exception of one - Miller Dunn of Miami, FL. Miller Dunn is well known for their shallow water helmets but any people don’t know they made a small batch of Mark V for the Navy during World War 2. It is said the contract order was for 1000 helmets, of those only a small percentage still exist today. Serial #594, it is a numbers matching example from March 1st, 1944. This helmet is one of the nicest Miller Dunn’s we have ever had and is a prime investment grade example. Please contact us for more detailed information and photos. helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       
SOLD SOLD Meet Us In-Person! We will be in South and North Carolina, During the 1st Week of September! We will also be in Minnesota the 2nd week of September. If you have a diving helmet and you are in this general area give us a call, text or email today to schedule an appointment!  316-371-1828helmets@nationsattic.com Helmets For Sale SOLD