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Updated 8-23-2015

Nation’s Attic will update this page as helmets are bought and sold. Due

to the rarity of most helmets we handle, we will generally not have a

large inventory in stock.

We do maintain a customer wanted list. If you would like to be added to

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A.J. Morse & Son 4 Light 12 Bolt Helmet Circa 1904-11 !

Here is an amazing oppritunity to purchase a very rare and early A.J. Morse & Son antique

diving helmet! This helmet dates to the 1904 to 1911 time period and comes with a

wonderful history of the family who owned and used it! Most helmets at this time were 3

light, but for an extra fee Morse would install a 4th light. Few of these were made, making

them important pieces of diving history today. This helmet is in amazing original condition

and worthy of any collection of museum!

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Rare A.J. Morse 2 Man Diving Air Pump From 1898 - USS Maine Salvage!

We don’t often get air pump due but this one is quite special in a number of ways. This pump is bone stock original never restored and has a fantastic patina to it. When

Morse was still open we had them look up the serial number on this pump. They told us it was made in 1898 and sold to the US Navy. There was also a note in the log

book indicating the pump was purchased to be used in the salvage operations of the USS Maine! The handles on the pump still turn and the covers for the handle studs

are still present. There are some numerous tools inside the pump as well. This pump is worthy of any collection or museum!

We did find this amazing photo of the USS Maine after the explosion, take a close look at the center left of the photo;

http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/maine30.jpg                                Call or Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Miller Dunn Diving Pump Handles - Brand New!

These brand new Miller Dunn pump handles are exclusively sold by Nations Attic. We had a limited run of these made after strong customer demand for them. These handles will fit the classic Miller Dunn air pumps made for their shallow water helmets. The handles are hand made of solid steel with a solid oak handle. Steel shaft can be ordered with or without paint. These were made like the original, which are always missing from the pumps.  Priced At $89 Unpainted / $99 Painted Delivered Within the Lower 48 United States.

1897 - 1905 Schrader 5 Bolt / 12 Bolt 3 Light

Diving Helmet!

Just in is a an amazing helmet we turned up in a barn in midwest! This rare helmet is

marked at the neck ring A. Schrader’s Son - New York and dates to the 1897 - 1905 time

range. What makes this helmet other than its age is the rarely seen 5 bolt pattern on the

neck ring.

This style of helmet was used by the US Navy before the famous Mark V came into use in

1916. This specific helmet is all original and has certainly seen some heavy use in its day.

There are some deep dents on the back and top, a few missing wing nuts and other fairly

minor issues. Regardless, this helmet has an amazing look and feel and probably one of the

few that will enter the market for a very long time! 


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19th Century Siebe Gorman Smoke Helmet

Still In Original Shipping Crate w/ Pump, Hose, Etc!

Here is very rare opportunity to purchase not only a desirable smoke helmet, but one that is still in its original shipping crate complete with air pump, house and original tags! This find is very unique and probably belongs in a museum or top collection! Smoke helmets were used by fire fighters at the turn of the 19th Century. Most of them are long gone due to their rough use and limited numbers made. This helmet and equipment appear to have never been used, a real time capsule. Additional photos and information will be posted soon! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com
Handle Styles

US Navy Mark V Full “Jake” Display Stand!

One of the most impressive ways to display a full “jake” or Mark V diving gear is by having it securely displayed on a stand. Due to the weight, amount of equipment and simply getting everything to look correct, getting the correct look is difficult. After studying military photos, documents and lots of work, Nation’s Attic now offers a custom made solid steel & powder coated display stand. These stands are made to the extreme highest standards and will last forever! This is how we display our full diving suits and how other around the world do so as well. These stands are priced at $1499 which includes shipping within the contiguious United States. We can ship these anywhere in the world, please call or email for a quote. Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com 
19th Century A.J. Morse No. 3 Air Pump
We had the luck of finding this 1800’s era pump in a barn in Missouri! The pump had been sitting for years untouched, but lucky it still has all it’s parts! The No. 3 pump in standard form like this one featured one large cast iron wheel and a smaller hand crank on the opposite side. Along with the impressive brass A.J. Morse & Son brass plaque is also a smaller fancy “Improved Submarine Armor” plaque. We did find the old brass No. 3 plaque inside the pump as well. Lots more photos available upon request. Call / Text 316-371-1828 or Email helmets@nationsattic.com Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!

Morse Diving Canvas Mark V Diving Dress!

Vintage diving dresses for the classic US Navy Mark V are getting difficult to find in good condition. Due to the high costs involved in making these heavy canvas and rubber suits, they are not made anymore. Finding nice vintage examples, like this one, is the best option for display purposes. This dress was just found and is stamped Morse Diving Equipment Company on the inside of the collar. The suit has been used but is still in good overall condition. It will also come with the vintage wood hanger it was found on. Lot’s more photos available!  Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about items like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

Soviet 3 Bolt 3 Light Deep Water Helmet!

Just in is a wonderful example of a Soviet made 3 bolt 3 light diving helmet. This

helmet appears to have never been used and is wonderful condition with a nice light

patina. This helmet was made in the later years of the cold war, 1989 to be specific.

These helmets have a classic look and are relatively economical! This helmet is a 3

bolt 3 light example. The bonnet and breastplate seperate easily.

These are great helmets for display at a great price!

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Vintage Telephone Cable - Helmet to Phone Connection!

There is a section of approximately 95’ of antique cloth covered telephone cable. Each end has a brass fitting to be hooked into a telephone and into a helmet. We could not find any names or markings on the brass fittings. The line was found with a 100+ year old Morse diving pump, so it probably of similar age. The rope covered line is still in good shape and would make a great addition to a vintage helmet display.  Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com
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