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What’s For Sale!

Updated 4-22-2014

Nations Attic will update this page as helmets are bought and sold. Due

to the rarity of most helmets we handle, we will generally not have a

large inventory in stock.

We do matain a customer wanted list. If you would like to be added to

this list and notified when something specific becomes avaialbe, please

fill out our online form by clicking here.

You may also bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we do

update this page anytime helmets are bought and sold. If you are on

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of helmets and other interesting things regularly.

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Call or Email For Price & Additional Info 316-371-1828 or helmets@nationsattic.com

Miller Dunn Divinhood Style 3 - World War 2 - Restored

Here is a rare opportunity to own a freshly polished with brand new glass and lead weights World War 2 helmet! This helmet was made by Miller Dunn in Miami, FL  and is called the Style 3 Divinhood. This type of helmet was used a lot of shallow areas like docks where men needed to work on ships in depths  under 65 feet. Next to the Mark V, this helmet was used by the US Navy in lots of shallow water missions during the 1940’s. We spent a lot of time in fully polishing this helmet top to bottom. All of the brass and copper were buffed to a high shine. All of the old glass was replaced with brand new. The brass guards and screws were removed, polished by hand and reinstalled. The hardware for the lead weights were polished and the weights themselves cleaned. We have lots more high resolution photos of this helmet available to email, just ask. helmets@nationsattic.com or call / test 316-371-1828        

Restored Miller Dunn Helmet Pump 1940s!

During the 1940s Miller Dunn offered these easy to use two cylinder air pumps for their

shallow water helmets. The cylinders have a piston inside that push air out into a hose that

easily hooks up to any style of Miller Dunn shallow water Divinhood Style 1, 2 or 3.

We took the pump 100% apart for a full restoration. The two cylinders were fully polished to a

high shine. The copper and brass look amazing! We installed a new black rubber hose

between the two cylinders. The frame of the pump is cast iron and has been painted with a

very durable black hammertone paint. All new brass cotter pins were installed on the polished

brass pins holding the moving parts together.

We also installed a brand new steel handle shaft with correctly made wood handle. The

handles are always missing on these pumps so we made a limited run of them. This pump

now looks amazing and is perfect for display!

Call or Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Siebe Gorman Royal Diving Helmet!

Coming in is a beautiful all numbers matching Siebe Gorman deep water diving helmet. This helmet is in amazing original condition with a wonderful patina. We will have more information and updated photos when it arrives!

Miller Dunn Diving Pump Handles - Brand New!

These brand new Miller Dunn pump handles are exclusively sold by Nations Attic. We had a limited run of these made after strong customer demand for them. These handles will fit the classic Miller Dunn air pumps made for their shallow water helmets. The handles are hand made of solid steel with a solid oak handle. Steel shaft can be ordered with or without paint. These were made like the original, which are always missing from the pumps.  Priced At $89 Unpainted / $99 Painted Delivered Within the Lower 48 United States.
Classic Helmet!

US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet - DESCO November 1943!

Coming in the first week of May is a great vintage DESCO US Navy Mark V helmet. This helmet is complete and dated November 1943! We will have much more information and photos posted soon before it arrives.  Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!      helmets@nationsattic.com  /  316-371-1828 
Call or Email For Price & Additional Info 316-371-1828 or helmets@nationsattic.com

DESCO US Navy Mark V Helium Gas Helmet!

Wow, that is what most people say when they see one of these amazing helmets! This is a US Navy Mark V Helium / Oxygen mixed gas helmet. These were made in very limited numbers and are quite rare today. This specific helmet is in amazing condition, only used a few times it appears. Almost 100% of the tinning is present. The original canister is still present and mounted to the back of the helmet. Every detail about this helmet is original making it a very special example. If you collect Mark V helmets this one is the top of the want list for almost everyone!
Call or Email For Price & Additional Info 316-371-1828 or helmets@nationsattic.com SOLD In 5 Minutes

Siebe Gorman Submarine Engineers Diving Helmet!

Probably the most recognizable style of helmet in the world is the classic English made Siebe

Gorman diving helmet. These were used by militaries around the world and by commercial

divers as well.

This helmet is in great condition with just the right amount of patina. All the brails and 12 wing nuts are present and original to the helmet. The glass is all in good condition and the original fittings are present as well. There is one knob on the front window missing. With just minor working dents on the top of the helmet, this example is perfect for display. It would make a magnificent gift or addition to any collection!
Restored! SOLD! SOLD! Coming In - On Hold!
Handle Style
Helmets For Sale Just Restored! Photos Soon!