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Updated 11-25-2014

Nation’s Attic will update this page as helmets are bought and sold. Due

to the rarity of most helmets we handle, we will generally not have a

large inventory in stock.

We do maintain a customer wanted list. If you would like to be added to

this list and notified when something specific becomes available, please

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Rare World War 2 Miller Dunn Mark V - Like New!

Just found and new to the collector market is possibly one of the nicest US Navy Mark V

helmets ever found made by Miller Dunn. There were only 1000 to 1500 Mark V’s made by

Miller Dunn, so they are very scarce and desirable today!

This helmet was purchased from a gentleman who’s father had purchased the helmet as

surplus directly after World War 2. The helmet was used on commercial jobs a few times

and then put away in the early 1950’s.

Flash forward to 2014 - we discover this amazing helmet still attached to the surplus WW2

canvas diving dress and stored in a barn in the northern Midwest of the US. We couldn’t

believe our eyes on just how nice and original this helmet is - it’s the best we have ever


This helmet was probably was one of the last to be produced in the short run of only 1200

to 1500 that were made by Miller Dunn. The characteristics of the helmet point to this and

the fact that this helmet was never stamped with a serial number or date - it was

apparently never issued to the US Navy or sold to them at the end of the war! The helmet

does not have any numbers on the inside neck ring or brails - it was simply never stamped.

The brails are marked front and back on the inside bottom as they should be. It’s a safe

bet a finer example of an authentic Miller Dunn Mark V will not appear on the market for a

very long time, if ever!

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Rare 1900s A.J. Morse 3 Light 12 Bolt Commercial Diving Helmet!

Just in is a beautiful and very difficult to find A.J. Morse & Son commercial diving helmet! This helmet was found in Anchorage, Alaska buried away for many decades.

Undoubtedly this helmet was part of many adventures and jobs in Alaska - if only it could talk. We purchased the helmet and then sent to the original maker - Morse in

Boston, MA for repairs. The helmet is now complete and ready for display in your collection. The helmet is serial numbers matching on the breast plate, bonnet and

brails! This helmet has a wonderful patina and will come with a certificate from Nation’s Attic stating it’s known history.  

                                                                                   Call or Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Miller Dunn Diving Pump Handles - Brand New!

These brand new Miller Dunn pump handles are exclusively sold by Nations Attic. We had a limited run of these made after strong customer demand for them. These handles will fit the classic Miller Dunn air pumps made for their shallow water helmets. The handles are hand made of solid steel with a solid oak handle. Steel shaft can be ordered with or without paint. These were made like the original, which are always missing from the pumps.  Priced At $89 Unpainted / $99 Painted Delivered Within the Lower 48 United States.
Classic Helmet!

Restored US Navy Mark V From 1950 Korean War Era!

Just in is a fantastic and rarely found Korean War era US Navy Mark V! When we found

this helmet it was in visually rough condition so we decided to give it a full and proper

restoration. The result is a professionally polished helmet that is 100% serial numbers

matching, 100% authentic and fully functional!

This helmet was made by Diving Equipment & Salvage Company on August 1st, 1950. The

Mark V was made from 1916 into the 1980’s. Actually finding examples not made during

World War 1 or 2 is actually quite difficult. The reason is the US government was not

purchasing only a handful of helmets in peacetime. There was probably a small surge in

order at the onset of the Korean War, which is when this one was produced.

This helmet was was mechanically serviced and checked out. We are selling this helmet

as a collectible for display purposes. If you intend to dive it, please have it checked out

by a certified dive shop before using!

In addition to having all the mechanical and functional aspects serviced, we also gave it a

full and professional polishing! The copper body of the helmet along with the brass

hardware give this Mark V an amazing and impressive WOW factor - even to someone

that doesn’t care about helmets or antiques.

This helmet is over 60 years old and was used, so it does have some minor dents and

imperfections in the metal, which is to be expected with any authentic Mark V. In some

impossible to reach areas the copper or brass may not be perfectly polished. This contrast

only adds to the allure and true vintage look and feel this special helmet has.   

Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!

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19th Century Siebe Gorman Smoke Helmet

Still In Original Shipping Crate w/ Pump, Hose, Etc!

Here is very rare opportunity to purchase not only a desirable smoke helmet, but one that is still in its original shipping crate complete with air pump, house and original tags! This find is very unique and probably belongs in a museum or top collection! Smoke helmets were used by fire fighters at the turn of the 19th Century. Most of them are long gone due to their rough use and limited numbers made. This helmet and equipment appear to have never been used, a real time capsule. Additional photos and information will be posted soon! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com

Siebe Gorman Submarine Engineers Diving Helmet!

Probably the most recognizable style of helmet in the world is the classic English made Siebe

Gorman diving helmet. These were used by militaries around the world and by commercial

divers as well.

This helmet is in great condition with just the right amount of patina. All the brails and 12 wing nuts are present and original to the helmet. The glass is all in good condition and the original fittings are present as well. There is one knob on the front window missing. With just minor working dents on the top of the helmet, this example is perfect for display. It would make a magnificent gift or addition to any collection!
Handle Styles

Unusual Schrader Two Man Air Pump!

We just unearthed on this very interesting looking two man air pump from the contents of the Mississippi River Find. This pump is enclosed on a wood box that is attached to a wood base. The top of the box swings open or to use the pump, the entire box is lifed off the base to reveal the cast iron and brass air pump. The pump is not marketed anywhere but it looks just like a pump offered in vintage Schrader catalogs. Along with the pump is a copy of a news paper article showing the pump being used in the background! This pump is part of the Mississippi River Find and will come with not only the photo but a letter detailing its history and a tag to retain it’s history as part of this amazing find! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com 
Vintage Deep Water Diving Boots!
Just in is a beautiful pair of unused deep water diving boots! These boots are the type used with the US Navy Mark V as well as others. They have the classic brass toe, lead bottom, leather straps and heal with heavy canvas body. The boots are in amazing condition with the white canvas looking almost new. There are no makers marks or names on them. If you are setting up a display or would like a new set of boots to use - you can’t go wrong with these! Call / Text 316-371-1828 or Email helmets@nationsattic.com

1951 Hodgman Rubber Canvas Mark V Diving Dress!

Vintage diving dresses for the classic US Navy Mark V are getting difficult to find in good condition. Due to the high costs involved in making these heavy canvas and rubber suits, they are not made anymore. Finding nice vintage examples, like this one, is the best option for display purposes. This suit was just found and is in nice shape! It was made by the Hodgman Rubber Co. in March 1951. The suit has some dust and was used. If you are setting up a “Jake” for display, this one would make a great choice! Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

Rare Alfred Hale Diving Helmet Circa 1903!

This helmet was just found in the basement of a building being demolished on

the east coast of the US last month. Helmets made by this early US maker are

always hard to find, especially in good condition.

This helmet has a oval tag on the front that says Alfred Hale Rubber Co; Boston,

MASS; USA. Around the turn of the 20th Century many people feel this company

was purchased or absorbed into the A.J. Morse company.

We did send this helmet into Morse for inspection and some restoration work.

They did confirm that this helmet was probably made by Morse but sold by Alfred

Hale. The tag on the front is quite unique and authentic. The helmet was missing

the 12 bolts, brails and wing nuts. Those parts were installed on this helmet to

make it complete again. This helmet is serial numbers matching on the bonnet

and breastplate! It certainly has a wonderful patina and is a rare example!

Call / Text 316-371-1828 or email helmets@nationsattic.com 

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