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Rare Pre-1926 Miller Dunn Style 2 Divinhood Shallow Water Helmet!

One of the most visually interesting and collectible diving helmets ever made is the Divinhood Style 2. This helmet was found near where it was made in Miami, FL in the first half of the 1920's. This helmet has certainly seen a lot of use in the last 90 years, but the helmet was not abused. The copper body of the helmet does exhibit salt water corrosion. The result is a consistent light pitting over the entire body of the helmet. This consistency adds to the patina and history of the helmet rather than a visual distraction in our opinion. The brass hardware is still in good shape, there are 2 hex bolts missing. We did replace the thick 1/4" glass and the two brass guards on the front - the originals were damaged. This helmet has the early Divinhood Style 2 tag dating it before 1926. There are also serial numbers stamped into the inside of the two shoulders. We are not sure if these are military, law enforcement or institutional inventory numbers.

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A.J. Morse World War 1 1918 US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet!

The US Navy Mark V first appeared in 1915 with A.J. Morse & Schrader being the only firms making them. As WW1 raged the United States joined the war in 1917 with the end coming in November 1918. This special Mark V was made in August of 1918, undoubtedly to be used by the US Navy at the end of the Great War. As with lots of Mark V’s, it’s use didn’t stop there. This helmet is a serial # matching example with both neck rings having the # matching the ID plate. In addition, this helmet has a US Navy inventory # on the breastplate neck ring, which is rare. Another clue to the helmets history is a name and date etched right below the neck ring, J. Hood 2-51. This is also etched on the inside of the bonnet as well. Hood was probably used by a commercial diver. The 2-51 is possibly the date he purchased it. During the 50’s many of these Mark V’s were sold as military surplus after WW2. This helmet has been polished in the past, giving it a wonderful appearance for display. The peak of the bonnet does exhibit all the normal small working dents and dings, but none are deep or large. The helmet does show some corrosion from salt water and use over the nearly 100 years since it was made, which is simply part of its history. There is a small patch on the back of the breastplate. Also, the exhaust value is circa WWII, probably replaced in the 1940s or while being used by J. Hood. To find an authentic Mark V from World War 1 is a rare treat, especially one like this one! Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about items like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828       

1943 Chrome “Master Diver” Schrader US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet!

Not only is this a classic and authentic US Navy Mark V helmet, this one was a US Navy Master Divers display helmet! When a diver made rank of Master Diver, their days of active diving was limited and with that came more bureaucratic responsibilities. Many Master Divers were presented with a special Mark V that was either polished or in this case fully chrome plated for display in their office. This special helmet long ago was chromed and still looks beautiful today. The helmet was made December 1943 by Schrader and is 100% authentic and serial numbers matching. In addition, this helmet has rarely seen US Navy inventory numbers and a US Navy inspection stamp on the communication cup! Helmet will come with a COA from Nation’s Attic. If you like the unique helmets with a story, this one fits the bill! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828   Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this!     
Restored Vintage Cast Iron Shallow Water Diving Helmet! This is a very unique and unusual shallow water diving helmet we just found! This helmet is made of solid cast iron with Plexiglas windows. No need for added weights on this helmet, it’s already heavy enough! There are no names or manufactures marks on this helmet, but we believe it’s possible Canadian or American made. We decided to utilize our shop, skills and equipment to give this helmet a new life as a display piece. This involved taking the helmet apart and removing the old Plexiglas, gaskets and paint. With all the metal media blasted bare, we then filled in as much of the imperfections in the metal as possible. Afterwards we then applied an automotive primer. Once dry we then applied the high gloss automotive black paint - wow! Once the paint was dry we then cut and installed brand new Plexiglas and black foam gasket material. To give the helmet a final touch we installed triple chrome plated hex bolts on the top and front windows. These chrome hex bolts are expensive but really give this helmet the final bit of shine it deserves. We restored this helmet for display purposes only and it should not be used for diving. It will make an impressive display and we have it priced quite reasonably. We will send along with the helmet a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the restoration as well as a CD-ROM with a full set of before & after photos of the helmet. Make sure and join our client contact list to be updated via email about helmets like this! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828    

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Rare & Historic A. Schrader’s Son USN Mark IV Antique Diving Helmet!

Here is another truly unique opportunity to own a rare piece of diving and US Navy history! In July of 1916 the US Navy issued a diving manual to be the text book for all divers and related staff. This manual was quite detailed and even features the then brand new Mark V diving helmet. There are some fascinating images in the manual of one of the first Mark V helmets made. Within this manual found on page 33 is a small section titled Diving Helmets. This section details the types of helmets in general use by the Navy at that time along with their specifications. The Navy also designated each of these helmets, Mark I, II, III, IV and V. Many collectors are not aware that such helmets existed, mainly because the helmets themselves were not physically marked in any way with this designation. Nation’s Attic is very proud to offer what has been identified as a United States Navy Mark IV helmet! This helmet is in magnificent original condition worthy of any collection of museum. So how have we determined this helmet is a Mark IV? The 1916 US Navy Diving Manual states the following description of a Mark II helmet: Mark I.. - Bolt type, wide breastplate, screw faceplate, oval top and side windows; “Schrader” type regulating escape valve, telephone, safety valve, and air inlet connection; manufactured by A. Schrader’s Son (Inc), Brooklyn, N.Y. Now you may be asking why we are detailing a Mark II helmet. After careful research of this helmet we have discovered this helmet was indeed a “bolt type” helmet and was then later modified to be a interrupted screw type helmet. Now, the following description is stated for a Mark IV: Mark IV.. - Interrupted screw type; otherwise same as Mark II. So, with this brief but vital difference we can conclude this example fits the criteria to be a US Navy Mark IV helmet that was originally a Mark II We have detailed our findings in the video that accompanies this listing. This helmet has been studied by some of the top historians in the field and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Nation’s Attic.  Please email us for additional photos and information. We also have a video featuring this helmet below! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828  


Just In!
New Old Stock WWII US Navy Mark V Reproducer! Is your vintage US Navy Mark V diving helmet missing the original reproducer? We turned up just a few new old stock original World War 2 reproducers with US Navy inspection stamp on them! These are still in the original box and in unused like new condition! It’s always a big plus to find these still present inside Mark V’s, but when they are found they are typically in rough condition or may even be later replacements. If you want your Mark V to be 100% complete both inside and out - this is a rare opportunity to purchase a WWII reproducer made by the Guided Radio Corporation. We found just a few of these in their original boxes so don’t hesitate getting one! helmets@nationsattic.com or call / text 316-371-1828  
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